Welcome to the Financial Services Human Rights Benchmark

The Financial Services Human Rights Benchmark aims to measure the human rights performance of financial services entities (banks, funds management, insurance, superannuation). By measuring performance against a set of indicators designed for the sector (and sub-sectors), the performance of these institutions can be documented and benchmarked.

You can learn more about the Benchmark here

Our vision for the Annual Benchmarking Report and the Financial Services Human Rights Database

To accompany the benchmark, we are also preparing our inaugural benchmarking report, based on a sample of ASX listed financial services and related entities.

To do so, we will compile a database of information. We aim to make that database publicly available, at no charge to users.

For anyone seeking information on ethical financial services, who is concerned about the human rights performance and reputation of Financial Institutions, The Financial Services Human Rights Database is an authoritative new information website that includes an easy to use database and annual benchmarking report, that allows users to easily compare and understand financial services from the perspective of human rights.

Unlike the current method of seeking all information on institutions separately, our database and reports compile all publicly available information into a single searchable database.

Funding support

The seed funding for this project came from the Sydney Law School’s Special Projects scheme (2017)